I’m always hungry, especially in the evening. What to do?

This is the question that was asked by one of our reader. Of course, this is a question that many others also ask themselves. Since hunger outside of normal meals, and therefore an additional caloric intake, is at the heart of weight control problem. See below our answer to this question. It’s the quick and […]

Keep going!

Seeing the craze around us in recent years, with the zumbamania, the massive implantation of gyms and new kind of fitness club almost everywhere, the arrival in power of all kinds of diets and slimming program, one can say that collectively the fight against the phenomenon of overweight is well under way. Very encouraging! Is […]

Relax and don’t gain weight!

We are currently living in a highly competitive society. At work, we must be proactive, demonstrate originality, be creative and above all, we must remain productive. In fact, all of this is to stand out under penalty of being replaced by a person ready to raise the bar even higher. Moreover, it is also necessary […]

Brisk walking against obesity, it works…!

Physiologically, when practicing physical activity, the system can use accumulated fat reserves within our body to produce the energy we need to move our muscles and our bodies. Brisk walking is one of the exercises that are usually recommended for obese people because they have a little difficulty doing much more intense activities. Surprisingly, it […]

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